Philosophical Me

My heart has lifted off the ground,

Taking off and flying like a bird,

I call out like a bird,

I feel my soul take flight, 

If only the sadness didn’t come to me at night,

I am a strange creature I am many things,

Not just a bird but a fairy with wings,

I am a kitten and a tigress, also a lion that roars in the forest, 

I shine and look up to the sky, 

Thank God for this happiness, for the sun and the trees, 

For my family, my love, my friends and my needs, 

He plants the seeds that glow and glisten, 

I just need to reach out more and listen to the wisdom that God shows,

My life is like a tree it grows and it dies,

I renew each year as my life passes by.  Continue reading


Funny animal

I want to run away,

I want to be an animal,

Just live to survive,

To fly, to swim, to climb trees,

No money, no worries just to be,

If only I could be a beastly me,

An animal that feels free, 

Using my instincts and just to listen,

But I wouldn’t want to end up in a kitchen. :/

Shimmer Faerie Love of Life

Shimmer and sway,

Say what you may,

Let there be light,

Let there rainbows appear at twilight,

The fairies listen, the water glistens, 

The stars twinkle, the fireworks blast,

Why does the night make me think of my past?

The fairies dance, they give you a kiss,

Huggles and huggles you always miss,

So much magic it intoxicates you,

Faerieshimmer love is true,

We all shimmer, we should all take flight,

We are all special, 

Never let anyone dim your light, 

Do not let fear take over your life, 

Take in the moment, 

Feast upon this life,

This faery love shimmers life. 


Random, Heartfelt

Why does the night inspire or the early morning hours?

Why does music move us so?

Why is my nickname doe?

Why do the birds chirp and kitties purr?

Why do these sounds stir a warm happy place within my heart?

Why does my muse come alive randomly?

Why are my dreams crazy and out of sequence?

Randomness should be my middle name,

Life is a labyrinth and not a game,

Driving us mad but drive indeed, 

I need a unicorn or a pegasus to guide me to my muse, 

She must awaken,

The evil monster must be forsaken,

Depression is it’s name and must be banished from the land of my mind,

A solution within my conscious I must find. 


God Help me in this World

I’m insecure,

Never sure,

Always uncertain,

I need to hide behind the curtain,

My eyes cannot hide what I don’t want people to see,

The scared little girl inside of me,

This world is so scary, the people come near,

They are always judging, make them disappear,

They whisper, they point, they give snobby sneers,

They might as well throw spears,

A dagger hits my heart, Stabs my back,

Most people cannot be trusted to me that’s a fact,

I cannot think cynically but I am  melancholy with a darkness called depression,

Which I talk about in therapy sessions,

I pray to God every night, 

Please watch over me and the world and let in your light,

Let the light cascade and I shall fight,

Let peace take over and ignite,

Please lift my soul up till I’m blissful,

I hate feeling forever dismal,

I never want my light to dim and die, 

I know my heart sighs, 

Never my love for God will disappear, 

The evil ones need to fear,

I honor thy father forgive me from above,

I know you always send your love,

Thank you for showing me what is right,

I thank you forever, you are the light,

Beyond human sight. 



To Him P.W.B. Poem Revised

This chaotic heart many times has fallen apart,

I was missing but I want a new start,

My soulmate’s love made my life come to light, He is from the Heaven’s beyond the reach of the highest mountain, He has knowledge and wisdom beyond this realm,,

He’s a creative, intellectual knight that is true,

His eyes are hazel and he shape shifts into a tiger,

I love him with desire,

His is the archer of my soul,

Aurora Borealis colors light up the sky for him,

Our souls shimmer in the Alaskan sky,

The cold and snow refreshes us and the water is pure,

We drink it in and we freeze in time,

Love is a lesson, poets love to rhyme,

If only people spoke in poetry my heart would melt,

This poetic heart and muse has felt and feels emotions of every kind,

Thoughts of him and love are always on my mind. 

Life Weary on the Heart

Turmoil within the heart, 

I don’t want to break the glass that is our bodies,

I feel too many emotions,

I feel numb from depression, 

I feel my heart bleed,

I feel the innocence that is my inner core,

I don’t know who I am anymore,

I am what you see and yet I am not,

I am the girl that I forgot,

I am a woman but not yet strong,

The choices I make I hate when I’m wrong,

I hate when life is unfair and there’s two roads to take,

That is why my heart breaks.