Today’s Thoughts 5/8/14

Gary Stadler Fairy Heart Magic Full Album

I got an A- on my English essay about why Gatsby is great! 😀 Today was my last class for English 102 and I’ll miss my teacher and the people in it. Everyone was nice. It was the most challenging class I have ever taken! He taught all about symbolism and connections it has to other books, movies, and life. Also I might join a writer’s workshop next month! I have a science fiction/fantasy story I was writing, not much has been written. :/ That’ll change hopefully. I just changed the background of my blog! Yay fairies!! I wish I could make or just wear different fairy outfits and play the harp and ocarina. I love listening to new age music and I look up fairy music on youtube and I was surprised to find music in that category! I love Youtube. I looked a few years ago for fairy music so nothing new.