Tips on Depression and You are Never Alone

Depression is a serious matter and I have it. Most people that commit suicide do not tell anyone that they are thinking suicidal thoughts. Everyone is different and precautions should be taken if someone tells you they want to end their life. Please take it seriously and listen. Get a professional to help them. No one should deal with depression alone.

Personal Note: Every human is special and deserves to be alive. Do not think no one would miss you and no one cares. ย They do. God Bless You All.

Tips for Depression (In No Particular Order)

1.) A support system family and friends. Therapist

2.) Medication

3.) Creative outlet like writing a blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ or writing poetry, drawing, painting, ect. Also it’s a good distraction.

4) New Age or any relaxing music. Or music you like. ๐Ÿ™‚

5.) Always learning new things whether it’s hobbies or academic.

6.) Deep breathing and I hear yoga and/or meditation is useful.

7.) Affirmations

8.) Diet , exercise and good sleep.

9.) It sounds corny but spiritual help books.

10.) Support groups

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Call 911 if you or a loved one has overdosed or severely hurt themselves with a weapon (knife or gun). Use your judgement.



I have depression and so do many people, especially a large portion of Americans today. Depression is usually due to a chemical in balance in the brain. Usually people with this (including me) have suicidal thoughts and try to hurt themselves. Also loss of interest in socializing and hobbies.

When I first noticed I was depressed I was in seventh grade it was the year I had no friends. I was very geeky to my peers because I had glasses, braces, acne and we’ll I wasn’t well endowed in the chest area. I was painfully shy, I looked down at my feet whenever I walked and I was incredibly skinny and I looked fragile. You could just look at me and see that I was a sensitive girl. People ignored me or were rude to me about my clothes because I didn’t know how to dress. I used to starve myself and I would spit up food because I had anxiety everyday about going to school. I never made myself throw up but subconsciously I couldn’t keep food down. Also I cried every night and I couldn’t sleep for weeks at one point. I was a walking zombie. One day my mom took me to the doctor and I don’t remember what he said I guess I blocked it out but after that I didn’t starve myself anymore. I think he told me I was an attractive young girl and I shouldn’t starve myself (while my mom was in the room worried).

After that my life had ups and down and my peers didn’t help. I felt like an outsider and I felt very lonely. ย I had a small group of friends in eighth grade but the friendships weren’t very close. High school was better than middle school because I had a best friend and we had alot in common. But he put me through he’ll because he manipulated me and made me feel ugly and stupid. There was a girl in our group who always insulted me because I was small chested. I found out during our high school years she was insecure because of her weight. ย I had fun in the group but after high school I realized they were not my true friends because they didn’t accept who I was. I let people take advantage of me in high school and I was a follower. My life is heaven compared to the dark place I was in.

I still deal with depression but with medication, my family, ย my soul mate that I have finally found, my friends, ย therapy, and my advisor I am a happier person. ย My emotional life was full of hate and agony with my emotional abuse feeling watched and judged and I was in high school. I was to THEM a dork, geek, nerd, loser, preppy, insecure, awkward, ugly and once was called creepy girl.

I was never those things. I like being different and unique now. I don’t care about fitting in. I love college it’s true what people say high school can be the worst time of your life and college is the best!!

I am not an expert on depression but if anyone wants to talk to me or if you want me to help you I will do my best to do so. ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace, love and fairy hugs. God Bless