Suicide and Dark Thoughts

When I was in middle school and high school I used to think about suicide all the time. I used to starve myself as well. I cried everyday because people in school were mean to me. Even in Elementary school I feel like I didn’t fit in. I miss being little because I was happy but I did have some bad memories. I’ve had a great life because I have a loving family that cares about me and friends along the way.

Today and for a few years I have gotten better. I do sometimes wish I didn’t exist but I never think about killing myself and never other people. I found an amazing therapist and people support me with my struggle of depression.

God loves me and YOU. So never feel like you should give up and commit suicide because people love you. You may think they don’t but they do. YOU ARE WORTHY and YOU ARE SPECIAL. If anyone ever needs to talk please contact me on here and I’ll do my best to help. Always talk to a therapist/guidance counselor/psychiatrist and call any suicide premium hotline or hospital.

I need and will change my negative self hatred dialogue in my mind because it isn’t true. I’m NOT stupid, NOT ugly, and NOT worthless.


3 thoughts on “Suicide and Dark Thoughts

  1. I didn’t know about the starving and that people were mean to u! I am so sorry u had to deal with that. If u ever feel depressed, text me. I LOve u soo much and u are meant to be on this earth, u are my BFF and I am glad y are changing the dialogue in ur mind…u are a beautiful wonderful person xoxxo

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