Blizzard of 2015!

Last night I  couldn’t sleep because I wasn’t sure if my parents and I were going to lose power. My mom got a little snow on her bed so she slept in my room in the other two the other twin bed. My dad slept in the couch downstairs. It’s windy today and I can’t believe we got 2 feet of snow! :O Today I woke up around 11:20. I still feel sleepy though.

I’m going to chat with Emily and Phil ad usual. Then read and watch, “Skins” an old English teen show about teens going through relationship drama and finding out who they are in the world.  I’ve seen it before but I didn’t remember most of it. Then maybe I’ll watch, “Wolfblood” later. Read in between or later.

I hope my parents and I and everyone I know doesn’t lose power. God Bless, keep warm and be safe! Peace and Hugs! Xoxoxoxoxo


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