Thoughts Tonight

I had a good day today I have one repeat client for massage and I got sixty dollars. πŸ™‚

In six days I’ll get my new massage business cards! πŸ˜€

I’m nervous and sad that I never took the time to learn how to cook (except frozen foods which doesn’t count). So my mom will teach me and I’ll take notes and practice around her. I should’ve learned a long time ago. :/ Better late than never I guess. I feel like a failure though.

I also need to learn how to swim and how to write better. I need to learn how to focus which is difficult for me since I have ADD. Hopefully soon I’ll get meds for it. I hope I can because I’m already on medicine for anti depressants and insomnia. I’ve been watching a cool show on Netflix called, “WolfBlood” about teens and a few adults who can shape-shift into wolves and the story is in Ireland. There’s a character that looks like a female version of Shane Dawson (famous YouTuber) which is funny and weird.

Tomorrow morning (ugh I hate mornings) I’ll be watching my mom cook a chicken in the oven and I will take notes. We might go to the movies and see a romantic/drama about Stephen Hawking called, “The Theory of Everything.”

I can’t wait to join the writers group and Bible group. Β I feel bad leaving the church we went to but it was small and too much singing. This one has more of a sermon and the seats are more comfortable. Β More people as well.


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