Many New Things Going On!

Hi, as usual I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile. I suxor (yes real word) at time management.  So I decided to take home health aide courses at Action Inc which is a social services organization in Gloucester.  My courses will be free! I took two reading and two math courses yesterday for two hours and I did very well in the reading portion and average in the math section. I just need to relearn fractions and learn medical math. I only need math if I decide to become a CNA (certified nurse assistant) which I probably will because they are in high demand.

Today I went out with my mom and I wanted to talk to the police officer clerk about my parking ticket violation. I paid for my ticket and I have the proof and I mailed a certified letter. I guess it got lost somehow. :/ She was at a funeral for a police officer that died. 😦 He was elderly though. My mom and I bought movies we bought a romantic one called, “Chocolat” with Johnny Depp and a woman and her little girl move to France and set up a chocolate store. They don’t go to church so everyone in the small village shun them for awhile but then people grow to like them. The lady falls in love with Johnny Depp ‘ s character and he’s a gypsy. 🙂 I got “American Pie” which is a popular movie about high school guys who want to lose their virginity (comedy). Also we got the “Monk” series season seven because the Mystery Train (records, cd, dvd store) didn’t have any other season.

My mom and I went to the Common Crow and she bought a huge jar of honey for her sinus allergies and acid free coffee. I bought tea tree soap for my skin (body acne and it’s good for dry skin). I also got Arnica Gel which is good for stiff and sore muscles; also bruises.  We went to Silica Caffè (I don’t know why they spell it with two f’s) and my mom and I got pizza she got one with lots of sauce and only a little cheese, I got cheese pizza. My mom loves the ice coffee there. 🙂 A guy thought he recognized us and he was very nice and chatted about honey with my mom and about his store he used to own (now he’s retired). He had on an Indiana Jones hat (similar and I don’t know what it’s called).

Also my mom and I saw a big, white poodle standing up a lot and the owner gave he/she food. One day my mom and I went to my dentist and there’s a pretty golden retriever named, “Nick” and he went up to my mom and put his nose in her coat sleeve when she had the coat across her lap. He also licked her.

I love Gloucester and Rockport! I do miss my family,  my boyfriend and my friends.  Especially my best friend Emily. But I’ll see her soon.

Also I just started using Mary Kay makeup and wrinkle cream (since I’m 27 now) and it works great!!

Massage Therapy is my passion and I am slowly building up my clientele. I am sad that I haven’t had many people lately but it’s been slow for many business in the North shore area. Sometime I want to check out more stores! I love the little bookstores and I want to go to the Pisces store (since that is my sign).

Sometime soon I plan on joining a women’s writing group in my town. 😀 I go to a new church and everyone seems nice I’m going to go to Bible Study on Sunday night.


3 thoughts on “Many New Things Going On!

  1. Wow I love long blogs that u write! I love that movie AMerican Pie! SO funny. Thanks for mentioning me in ur blog. I LOVE U! Hope u have great days…I am proud of u for ur math scores because u did the best u could! peace sistah! oooxoxxo

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