Bored with Life

I am bored with life because I have depression. I’m losing interest in everything. Ā I want to write stories but something is holding me back. I should just do it but I’m afraid what I will write won’t be good enough for the writing group I want to join. I decided besides doing massage therapy I’m going to sell Mary Kay. šŸ™‚ They sell skin care products besides make up. Tomorrow I’m going to Danvers and I’m going to look for clothes at the thrift store. Saturday I’m going to an ladies event where they are doing a marathon I guess? Ā I’ll find out more on Saturday. Ā I miss my books they’re all back home. Most of all I miss Phil and my best friend Emily. I wish they lived near me. I really hate winter it makes me depressed and sleepy. I do like Christmas though. šŸ™‚ My boyfriend’s birthday was yesterday.

I keep searching for books online and nothing ever seems satisfying when I read it. I’m too picky.


2 thoughts on “Bored with Life

  1. Im sorry you are depressed. šŸ˜¦ Maybe make weekly goals to follow each week and it will give you something to do….when u accomplish a goal, reward yourself. Weather its a manicure or even a bubble bath. When its dark outside, keep your indoor lights on so you don’t feel the depressing darkness. hope that helps xooxoxoxo
    I miss you too. SOSOSOSOOOOOO much! Besties for LIFE! xo

    • That’s a great idea šŸ™‚ I need to work out again. Lol I skipped a week also I need to write for me and not other people. I’m just scared people won’t like my writing. I love ya bestie! Xoxoox

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