I watched the movie, “The Giver” and the people in the movie got injections to not feel ANY emotions. Their society us perfect no war, crimes and no diseases. Everyone was told what to wear and there were no lies, jealousy,  envy, greed and no lust. At first it seems like a good idea but then you realize that having emotions makes us human and that can be a beautiful thing. Yes there are dark moments and memories but we need to realize there is light and goodness if not by others then within ourselves.

I feel like I don’t have emotions anymore. I feel like a robot always in the same bad habits and routine. I have trouble focusing and being connected with my emotions and what I want in life. I’m trying to change and become passionate. I so love doing massage therapy because I like helping people.  It is hard for me to focus on studying it on my own. I want to and I will tonight.  I need to push myself. So I will watch YouTube videos about massage and test myself on anatomy. I know it’s my depression holding me back. I just found out I have ADHD. It’s strange because as a child I feel like I could focus but now I don’t. At least I have a good therapist and she there’s a psychiatrist who will give me medicine for ADHD.

I wonder if I have ADHD because I’ve been doing multiple things with technology. When I watch a video on tv or online I use my phone, or when I’m on my Kindle I use my phone. I’m always nervous I’ll miss something important even though I out it on vibrate or on sound. I need to learn how to focus on the present and do one task at a time.


2 thoughts on “Emotion

  1. Im glad u got diagnosed early so that u can get meds to help with ur busy mind. that movie sounds good and so does your thoughts about it. I am also glad that u found an amazing therapist and hope she will help you learn to focus. As for feeling like a robot, that must suck. You should work on your writing because it can pull you into any world you can imagine.

    • Thanks Em!! Well I wasn’t diagnosed early with ADHD but at least I know I have it now. I know I should just hard to focus right now. :/ But I will try to. Hopefully the medicine will help!! Yes I love my therapist she’s amazing! Love you girlie! Xoxoxoxo BFF! 😀

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