My Journey of Self Worth

I  just started going to therapy and I have an amazing therapist named Mary. 🙂 I talk about my low self esteem because I do not feel attractive and intelligent. Recently she gave me a mantra (or affirmation) to say to myself everyday. “I feel beautiful,  in charge of my life and I have a lot to offer people. I am loveable and worthy of love.” I haven’t said this yet to myself everyday but I will starting tonight! ! I have lost five lbs I went from 150 to 145. My body is getting toned. Also I just started using Mary Kay products for acne and one cream for aging (lines and wrinkes) as well as acne. I still look young but it’s good to use it!  I have been working out three times a week! I do kettle bells, cardio and zumba!!

My therapist gave me a quote to read and to keep. “There is so much about FATE that I cannot control,  but other things do full under the jurisdiction.  I can decide how I spend my time, whom I interact with, whom I share my body, and life and money and energy with.  I can select what I can read and eat and study. I can choose how I’m going to regard unfortunate circumstances in my life whether I will see them as curse or oppurtunities. I can choose my words and the tone or voice in such I speak to others. And most of all. I can choose my thoughts.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

I have been working and doing massage therapy and I love it!! I have to network a lot and so I go to events or meet people at the fitness studio where I work! Everyone I met has been very kind. Especially the owner she’s an amazing Christian woman. 🙂 I still need to discipline myself when it comes to doing things I need to do. And I shall!!

Sorry for not blogging often. :/ I’m just trying to figure out how to schedule things in my life. God Bless and you’re all special and shimmer!


3 thoughts on “My Journey of Self Worth

  1. Thanks for writing, I have missed u! I am so glad u like ur boss and therapist! Mary sounds smart, u should definitely take her advice! U are a beautiful girl and my very best friend xooooxxoxo

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