Danvers Mall

Today I went to the Danvers mall and my mom got me bliss products from Marshalls. I got lotion, facial toner, and a exfoliation gel body wash. I hope they work. I saw Maze Runner when my parents went grocery shopping and it was amazing!! Next two movies I want to see is, “The Giver” and “Hunger Games:Mockingjay Part 1.” 😀


Busy in Gloucester

So as usual sorry I haven’t blogged. I have been very busy!! I called my health insurance this week for a list of primary doctor’s. I made a business card and I’ve been helping my mom with housework. Everyday I’ve been going for asks but my diet still isn’t….good. :/ I still don’t like veggies much. I don’t know if I’ll ever win that battle. I called and got two gyms to agree and meet with my boss and I to discuss advertising with Purple Circle Spa and about My ItWorks! It has wraps and supplements with botanical products to lose weight. Tomorrow I’m getting a color cartridge from Walmart to make photocopies to help her advertise MyItWorks and the spa. I also want and need to write a letter to the massage board of Massachusetts to get a wall certificate for my license. It’s $27.00 I found a writers community center for people who like to write creative fiction or poetry. Fiction of all genre’s. 🙂 Also probably non fiction. I found websites that are free or cheap to advertise the spa and I’ll tell my boss soon. 🙂 Just a few minutes ago I watched the movie,”Blended” with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler and it was a cute, family comedy/kinda romantic film. I like them better in other movies but I still liked this one. The only thing I didn’t like was Adam’s character could have been nicer to her . It’s hard to explain but it was part of his character. I also saw, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” I love this movie!! I might want to own it. Not sure. I’m indecisive. Lol. The next movie I’m going to see is,”Maze Runner” with my mom at Gloucester Cinema. It’s a three screen family theater and we love it. The family is very nice. 🙂

Today :)

Today I printed and filled out a form to get a duplicate massage state license and to update my current address. I got a money order for $ 17.00 at the bank. I double checked online compared to the local graphic design and printing store that vista print is the cheapest way to go to advertise for new and established businesses. I called a few gyms because my boss wanted me to see if any of the owners would want a complimentary massage from me and she could discuss ItWorks! Products. Only one seem interested she texted me but didn’t call me back if I don’t hear from her I will call on Monday. I signed up for my cell phone discount through ABMP insurance (massage therapy insurance). Yay! I love the benefits.

Lastly, I’m taking a free online course through ABMP about Myofascial Release Massage. Myofascial Release is soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. This treatment involves gentle and sustained pressure into the connective tissue of the fascia. Myofascial massage therapy helps release the restrictions of the body’s muscles and eliminates pain and restores motion of the muscles and joints. This treatment is used without oils, creams and machinery.

Recently. ..:)

I moved to Gloucester, Massachusetts Saturday and I have been crazy non stop! ! I packed my tiny car with stuff and unpacked everything. My mom helped organize my room, I’ve been helping clean and doing errands. I have a new job at Purple Circle Spa as a licensed massage therapist! !! I’m going to help her get the name of her business out there and get clientele. 🙂 I’m going to either create or have someone create (probably someone else) design business cards, flyers, and maybe brochures. I’m going to make calls and see if I can massage ad businesses and get my name out there. 🙂 I love my new life!! I do miss my family and friends but at least I can text and call them. 🙂 I love the sea and the shops in my area. Everyone is really friendly and helpful!!