Dreams :)

Lately, I’ve been dreaming I’m flying and I had one dream where people were dancing and I saw many deserts and mountains. The women wore long skirts and the sight made me feel awe struck with wonder and beauty. I wish I could project the images if my dreams to people. 🙂 In my last dream I saw a woman running away from being abused physically and psychologically. 😦 A man who was a high rank saved her from being captured and put in prison. I think these types of dreams are my anxieties.

Someday soon I want to write about a therapist who specializes in dreams and can into them. 🙂

I promise when I move to write stories and post them. Even if they aren’t perfect I will post them. 🙂 Also I plan on signing up for a forum and getting feedback. I mostly want to write about faeries and anything to do with fantasy. 🙂


It’s Been Awhile

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile!! I packed my clothes, books and odds and ends!! I got 46 hours in one week!! This week I think I got 32!! Of course I’m getting all these hours before my last day of work which is September 30th!! I’m leaving October 4th for Gloucester, Massachusetts. My boyfriend will be driving me and my uncle will be coming because he will bring my parents stuff in his SUV. Our cars are small so it’s difficult. My acne has been clearing up!! I have an interview October 8th at a spa please pray I get it!! I haven’t been able to see much of anyone lately because I’ve been a workaholic. I’m definitely going to be watching tv and movies less and focusing on studying everything about massage therapy.

Also I want to write stories again! I need to write for me and not for anyone else and hopefully people will like my stories and read them. I feel like it’s very frustrating to think of story ideas when everything has been written, but if I put my own spin and I’m authentic as possible then I’ll do well. 🙂 I don’t want to give up and I WON’T!!! Roarz!! I’m determined! !

I found a great blog with prompts. I’ll post about it soon. I found a great forum for writer’s.

Gloucester will change my life foe the better!! I am determined to get healthy physically, mentally and get closer to God!! To be creative and find myself. 🙂

Busy Me!! Busy Bee!!

went through my books, papers and clothes. I have been trying to get shifts and seeing my boyfriend and friend’s. Now I am doing massage and I have an interview in Gloucester! ! Pray I get the job please. I know I am. I did deep tissue today and I got $60!! I’m feeling more confident and my skin is getting better. 😀 I am thinking more positive. I can’t wait to save and specialize in other modalities in massage therapy. I want to learn Myofascial, Aromatherapy, Cranial Sacral and trigger point.I intend to do chair massage as well to make a little extra money. 🙂 In watching Joyce Meyer on tv and I like her. She’s a Christian speaker. I plan on reading more and watching tv less. Also getting healthier. I will miss everyone very much but I can focus on myself when I move.I hope I won’t get lonely or too lonely.