Feeling Productive :D

Today, I took the 2014 Mandatory Test Review for my work at the hospital I work at. It was online and it only took 15 minutes because it was only 24 questions. After that I went to the post office to drop off my large envelope with my DMH paperwork and I had it certified so I could make sure it doesn’t get lost. I also got 20 Harry potter which are forever, meaning you don’t have to pay and use a second stamp with it. I don’t know if I explained that right I hope I did. 🙂 I almost forgot to go to my therapist appointment today, but I didn’t miss it because I called and I rescheduled for next Tuesday at 11. 🙂 I will miss my therapist when I move. 😦 She’s very kind, sweet, understanding, and a good listener. She’s pretty good at advice but I feel like I need a batter therapist someone who will push my gently yet firmly to overcome my fears and anxieties. Also she accomplish my short and long term goals and dreams. 😀


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