Feeling Like an Independent Woman ;) Rawrz!

Today, for the first time I went grocery shopping by myself. I only my got a few things worth $53.00 (prices are crazy!) But I feel more like an adult. The only thing I didn’t do was add everything because I feel embarrassed when I have to. I know it’s weird but I do. Also I didn’t understand how the sales worked. I need to really have my mom teach me how to understand when they’re sales in every store. :/ It’s embarrassing but I do have Dyscalculia that is why at twenty-seven I am still struggling with math. I also did the dishes, laundry,and vacuumed. I used to do housework all the time when my mom worked when I was in middle school and off and on throughout the years. I haven’t done it much lately because I get tired a lot from working second and third shift. I feel guilty about this. :/ I do however always help my parents when they need anything, help with chores, money, and if they need rides anywhere. I’m too dependent on them but I WILL change that.

Also I made photocopies of paperwork I need to fill out for DMH (Department of Mental Health) to get a case management worker in my local area to help me connect with one in Gloucester. It sounds weird but that’s what my rehabilitation counselor told me to do. I’m getting a case manager to help me find a job in Gloucester because I have learning disabilities (mostly math and spatial learning), and I have anxiety in the work place. Also I have depression. She said those three things should allow me to qualify. I hope she is correct. I hope I get SSI I don’t understand why I was denied twice!! 😦 I think it was because they think all the stuff I have is minor compared to other people which is true but having learning disabilities and depression does affect my daily life. Also anxiety.

I have two ex friends who have decided to be really rude (and that’s putting it nicely) and they decided to unfriend me on Facebook. I realize that it’s better to have a few good friends than a plethora (many) friends because I know who I can and can’t trust. My first priority will be to find a job, and discover what career I will be passionate about by visiting campuses and talking with the advisors. I figured out a good way to meet people is by volunteering, college, and through meetup.com I know I need to be cautious and I will be.

Lastly, I am sad about the death of Robin Williams my favorite comedian actor and always will be. Rest in Peace Robin Williams.


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