So Many Careers So Many Fears

There’s many careers I wouldn’t mind pursing such as massage therapy, esthetician, occupational therapy assistant, and physical therapy assistant. The first two don’t pay very well unless a person is experienced and works in a city. I loved observing in the OT and PT department. I will observe two more times because I didn’t get to watch the evaluations. If I worked at a pta or OTA I wouldn’t have to evaluate, but I want to watch how a pt and ot does it anyway.

I have been searching online for massage therapy jobs and the best website is Other sites don’t give as many job postings. I already contacted a lady who is an LMT (licensed massage therapist) owns her own business. She is an hour away from Gloucester that is the bad part. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But accomplishing dreams are not easy. I also will have a job coach she gives free consultations and her sessions are $35 each. She’s gives the cheapest sessions.

A part of me is very sad that I won’t be pursuing human services but that could change someday. The industry has a high stress level and low income. It makes me anxious that most careers I am interested in and would probably do well in is low income.

Most likely if I go to a four year college or a school for massage/spa therapy it will be in Boston. Luckily I can save on gas by taking transportation.


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