Demons or Satan Nightmare :(

I had a nightmare that I felt an evil presence of one or more demons in my dream bedroom. I was on my bed and words appeared on my wall and I said something along the lines of, “In the name of God I ask you to leave.” “I believe in God.” The nightmare was emotionally intense and this is the second or third time this year I had it. I hope it isn’t a bad sign that I might go to hell. Or I’m a bad Christian. I believe and love God, Jesus Christ is my savior. We’re all sinners and I pray for forgiveness and thank Jesus for dying on the cross of my sins and humanity’s sins. It might just be because I have a lot of anxiety about moving and job searching.

I have a book I will finish reading called,”The Idiot’s Guide to The Bible.” Also I have my Bible, Bible App, and Christian spiritual growth books. I need to read these on a more consistent level and actually finish them, except the Bible it’s a ongoing reading process and journey. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Demons or Satan Nightmare :(

  1. You WERE a sinner dear one, but according to the scripture your faith in Christ has given you a new identity, you are now a saint. It’s important to learn your identity. To know exactly what it means to be saved by grace. Please read if you can, two great books: walking in the light and bondage breaker by Neil T. Anderson. I worked with him for 8 years. He is very wise. Much love and peace I wish for you tonight. You aren’t going to hell, but you can tell those demons to!

    • Thank you Sheri!! That’s your name correct? I just saw your comment in my email. Sorry about the late reply. Sometime I will check out those two books. 🙂 I’ll never be a saint but I’m not going to hell.

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