Facts about ME!

Strawberry Bubbles

I don’t think pink and red go together.

I am extremely scared of death.

I like to have long hair, because there is more options to style it.

I was on the honor role for one semester in 7th grade. (my proudest year)

I went to three schools in my whole life and I liked the first and last.

I have more friends in my head then I do with people on the earth.

I am scared to be blamed for something I didn’t do, like murder.

I went to a meeting in 10th grade that put me in a therapeutic school.

I have tried to poison myself and another girl. (not proud of that)

I love to smile.

I always wondered what lava tasted like cold.

I still have not overcome my fear of showering or mirrors.

I want to publish a novel one day.

My heart races for no…

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