August 1st and August 2nd :D

Yestrday I had a good day! I drove my boyfriend to his dentist appointment and he has three teeth taken out. During his appointment the office had me go to get his prescription. I helped him walk and when he talked he sounded so adorable like Elmer Fudd. 😀 He was loveable and silly. I love him very much. We went to his parent’s house and his mom helped take care of him as well. He is recovering and he has ten days to recover. 🙂 I don’t text him too much unless he does because I want him to rest. He can only have soft foods such as ice cream, jello, and pudding. I learned for two days you have to use the ice pack in and off for twenty minutes. He changed his gauze of course. In the third day and on he has to rinse his mouth with salt water. Ewww! I had to do that it suxorz! Also you’re supposed to put a tea bag in your mouth in the post-surgical area for an hour to heal. It’s supposed to clot the blood I believe. Maybe absorb it? I’m not sure.

Also yesterday I talked my love’s parents about having difficulty choosing a career and my fears about moving to Gloucester, Massachusetts. His mom said that I should make a list of the reasons why I want to go into a profession. Also think about the pros and cons of each one. I have been researching and usually the pro or con is income and the biggest con is finding out I need to take a high level math course! 😦 :/ O.O The North shore and Boston area has a bigger population and more businesses so finding a job while going to college should be easier than finding one around here. The unfortunate part is looking for one and having a short job history. 😦 At least there’s transportation so I don’t have to drive my car as much. Also I love socializing and I want to join a holistic and writing group!

List of Possible Future Careers
1.) Massage Therapy (Either Main income or side income)
2.) Occupational Therapy Assistant
3.) Physical Therapy Assistant
4.) Human Services (My parents don’t want me to because I would need a bachelor or master’s degree)
5.) Vet Assistant or Vet Technician?


3 thoughts on “August 1st and August 2nd :D

  1. You are a wonderful girlfriend to Phil! I am glad u were there for him! I think u would do well in any career you want! You have good options ! U can do anything u set ur mind to!

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