July 31st A Great Busy Day! :D

Today, I went to my therapist and talked about moving. She was shocked that I’m moving in general and asked questions. She said it is up to me if I want to move or not, but I am established here with work, school, family, my bf, and friends. I told her how my parents and I have been fighting because of the stress of the move but we always apologize to each other. I still feel conflicted if I should move or not because I am scared I won’t find a job in Gloucester. However, yesterday I saw my rehabilitation counselor and she gave me paperwork to fill out to send to the Department of Mental Health to get a case manager because she thinks I am qualified because I have Dyscalculia, depression, and situational anxiety. I have to send the paperwork to Worcester, but before I do that I am going to make photocopies to keep because I will need to send the same paperwork to Tewksbury. I guess I need to send it to both so the case manager in my local area can connect me to the one in Tewksbury? I have to call Eve, (rehab counselor) to find out again. I am happy I have been getting more shifts at the hospital and I paid off my $110.06 cell phone bill because I used my data on vacation and at my friends house. I don’t feel like explaining it’s just embarrassing I forgot that I wasn’t connected to wifi.

Tomorrow I’m bringing my boyfriend to his dentist appointment to get his teeth pulled. 😦 He will be out to sleep so I’m driving him. Also I’m bringing my friend to her sister’s house.


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