Sigh…Busy and Overwhelmed

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging. I’m in the process of moving and a lot has been going on. I have a huge cell phone bill because I didn’t use wifi on vacation (which I thought I was). Also I forgot I needed my friend’s password to use her wifi. :/ This week I having finally been getting shifts, except today my shift my canceled. 😦 I am thankful that I did enough shifts so I can probably afford my cell phone bill. I wasn’t going to move to Gloucester but I decided to because there isn’t many job opportunities in my area. I hate my town and I’m just sick of it because it’s depressing, boring, and people are negative. I will miss my boyfriend (my love), family and friends but I’ll contact as much as possible. My family only calls when they want something most of the time though.

I will go to college in Gloucester and look for work. I was hoping I voted make money online but most of the work at home on the Internet are scams. :/ I plan on seeing a life and job coach and I found a life coach that has low prices per sessions. πŸ˜€ I found a place where they help people with disabilities find work in or near Boston. I think it’s in Boston. I love that there’s many ways to get transported to places, either by bus, trolley, or cab. I plan on really buckling down and becoming independent. It’ll take time but I know I can do it!! My most difficult and weakest skills are cooking, organizing, and budgeting.

I hope I do not lose any friends when I move. There are a few I’m unsure about. Mostly one friend who has serious issues. All MI cares about is getting high and having sexual intercourse. I kept telling her over and over she’s better than that and she needs help, but she doesn’t listen. It’s ridiculous. Other than that person my friends are mostly well adjusted. I am hoping to join social groups and volunteer. I really want to be part of the community and make networking connections. I like helping people and I hope I make new friends as well. My main goal is to find work, and find myself by figuring out what my career path is.

I wish I could have a cat. 😦 I’m sad my mom is allergic. If I do volunteer at a animal shelter I’ll have to change my clothes and wash them right away. Maybe I could go to a laundry mat? Hmm…we shall see!

The type of groups I want to join are for holistic health and I would be relearning reiki which is energy work, and learning about herbs probably. Also I want to try yoga and get a mentor in massage and maybe spa therapy. I know an owner of a massage and wellness center and she’s amazing! She’s very kind and spiritual. πŸ˜€ The other group I want to join is creative writing. I haven’t done any creative writing because I still feel blocked and I have been preoccupied with moving.

Of course I will eat healthy and exercise! I really hope I come to a point where I develop high self-esteem and find myself. By finding myself I mean finding who I am without people telling me who I am, what to do, and becoming a strong, powerful, tenacious, independent woman! Roarz! And Rawrz!


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