I had a Great Day with Emily!!

Before I saw Emily I went to my school to get paperwork and I said goodbye one of the advisors and also my tutor. 😦 She showed me videos on YouTube and books to help me with math. She believes in me I just need to believe in myself.

Emily and I had a relaxing day! First I surprised her and gave her unicorn slippers that I had gotten from Newbury Comics in Northampton. We went to McDonald’s. Then we watched a movie called, Dear Dumb Diary that was adorable! Lastly we watched Freaky Friday. I am really happy Emily is my friend. I love her folks and Bella her cute doggy as well!! When I went home I watched Pretty Little Liars and I love that show so much!! I love the mystery and the drama they don’t know who A is and we’ll the rest is hard to explain. I recommend it! The first season and I think the second season is on Netflix. Only the old episodes. I didn’t get a shift. :/ While I watch TV I usually go on Facebook and text people. I didn’t nap today. Lol. Now I’m listening to the thunder and I watched the lightning outside. I didn’t watch long just for a moment. I love seeing the lightning. It is scary hearing the thunder though. I pray for people on the road.


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