A New Move, A New Life Poem (What’s yet to come in my Mind)

I see boxed piled up in my mind,
I see a movie van in my driveway,
I see suitcases, tote bags, and garbage bags,
I see no mail in our mail box,
I see nothing left in the apartment,
I see sad faces trying to smile,
I see sad eyes in my reflection,
I see tears in my hearts and tears I see and don’t see,
I hear “Please stay there must be a way”
I hear the car doors shutting I hear the lock in the car,
I see my folks giving the key back,
I feel still and quiet in the car as I look around my surroundings,
I celebrate and see friends one last time promises of communication I hope they don’t forget,
Our lives are all different so it’s hard to keep up,
I won’t miss this town but I’ll miss the people I called my friends and want to be friends forever,
I will dearly miss my love I hold in my heart and never will let go,
I’m scared of losing everyone,
I don’t want to be a forgotten memory or something not worthy keeping in their lives,
I love all of them,
I’ll miss my little cousin’s and my cousins who take care of them,
I’ll miss my aunt and uncles,
I’ll miss the familiarity of it all and getting to places easily,
I’ll miss the different libraries I went to,
I’ll miss Blackstone Valley especially Red Robin,
I’ll miss Westville Dam which is beautiful the most beautiful part of Southbridge,
I’ll miss rekindled friendships,
New friends I reunited with and now time will be lost,
Thank Goodness for the annoying, social work that reveals who people really are (even though they edit),
I welcome the ocean breeze, the smell of yucky fish, narrow streets and horrible parking,
I welcome the nice people of Gloucester,
I welcome the boats and ships I see,
I welcome the beautiful beaches, flower scents, and the delicious cafe and ice cream shops,
I welcome means I am open. I am official introducing you Gloucester into my life.ill never forget the love of my family, my true love, and my friends.

Goodbye Good and Bad memories of Southbridge, Massachusetts
Hello Gloucester, MA!

You will be my new home.


2 thoughts on “A New Move, A New Life Poem (What’s yet to come in my Mind)

  1. Jenn M says:

    It’s definitely a difficult transition, but you’ll soon be able to experience new opportunities at your new home, but also keep in touch with your current friends. 🙂 xoxo

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