Moving Soon! :O Eek!

Today I went through my paperwork and I threw some away and kept the important ones. I also went to my school and dropped my fall classes. I hugged my disability coordinator who has been very helpful to me. dropped my summer class yesterday. My mom told my gym that we were moving and I couldn’t afford the remaining balance so I only paid $36.00 for the cancellation fee! Yay! I went for a long walk with my mom and then as usual we went to Dunking Donuts to get drinks and rest. She usually gets an ice coffee and I get soda. Then when I went home I took a nap for three hours. I wish I could remember my dream but I can’t. 😦 I emailed my advisor and my Psychology teacher because they were amazing and I hope I can say goodbye to them in person. I have ten bookshelves full of books but luckily I don’t have to get rid of them. I really don’t have as much stuff as I used to in the past. I won’t buy anymore books if I do it’ll be through my kindle. I can’t wait to see my boyfriend this weekend and Emily Tuesday! I will miss everyone alot.


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