I was Shocked

Yesterday I went to Canobie Lake Amusement Park and I had a blast with my friends. I went on some rides and we watched the fireworks. The only bad part was the duration of the trip and having to use the bathroom and getting lost on the way back home. :/ We got lost even though we had a gps and u got home at 1:00 am. Today I felt exhausted like I was hung
over (I didn’t drink and I don’t) just felt hungover.

Today I called for shifts so far nothing. I gave my friend a ride to Big Bunny. She was crying and felt sad. I know how hard life is especially when you have learning disabilities and disabilities in general. I think she feels better now I do my best to try to cheer people up.

Now the shocking news from my mom…

I might be moving to Gloucester, Massachusetts. :O I do like it there but I’m not sure how I would like living there. I probably would. There’s many Cons
1.) Being away from my family
2) Being away from my love
3) Being away from my friends
4) Not going to the same college anymore 5.) Finding a new job.

1.) Not living in this town anymore
2.) Time to focus on myself more and learn to be independent
3.) Having new adventures
4.) Going to a new school and meeting new people.
5) Reading and Writing more often.
6.) New job

I’m really scared and I’m not sure when we will move. My mom said she is doesn’t want to be held back by anything. She said I could live with my aunt and uncle (though she wants me to come with her). I think it’s better if I go with my folks because I don’t feel ready to live on my own.


4 thoughts on “I was Shocked

  1. All beginnings are difficult, but they make us grow. What ever you decide will be right for you because it will be your decision.

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