Vacay :) Last Day

I got alot of books really cheap! My folks and I went to the Super Used Bookstore in Danvers, MA. There are rows of books of all categories you can think of! The prices are as good as Amazon! The staff are very friendly and there’s a huge mall nearby!  so did my parents.  🙂 I’ll post the titles and authors tomorrow.I got glow in the dark stars at Five Below and a t shirt with a unicorn on it! I love unicorns 🙂 

I wish I could bring home my favorite places and create my perfect town.  I would have beaches, The Used Book Superstore (Danvers, MA), cafés, fast food (I know bad but I likey) like Dairy Queen, McDonald’s,  Wendy’s,  Burger King, Papa Gino’s ect. Also Old Navy, Barnes and Nobles, Subway, Panera, music instrument stores including unusual instruments like harps and ocarinas! 😀 churches of course, community centers for social groups. In the community centers it would be for every age group so no one would be lonely and classes in creative writing, art (painting, drawing,  sculpting ect). Also cooking, baking, yoga, dance, and more!! There would be alot of massage and therapeutic services of all kinds for low income families.  No one would be homeless and there would be no crime (okay this is my dystopia) lol. There would be movie theaters and plays. People would sometimes speak in poetry and there would be no bullying. Everyone would be feel to be themselves and people would be able to tell if you’re sad and lonely and talk to you. 🙂 I would also have museums of art, science, and history.  There would be a fantasy art museum of local art of (in my dream place) fairies, unicorns and other mythological creatures! 


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