Vacay :)

Today I walked around Gloucester with my parents. We ate at different places, I had a burger and fries at Sugar Magnolia.  It’s a very nice restaurant with photographs of the beach. The people are all very nice. The nicest so far have been an owner of a paint gallery ( mature guy fabulous man), massage therapist who is spiritual and unique,  and a (mature gay man also fabulous) who owns an antique store.  I love paintings, books,  old fashioned things. I saw a chair from the 1800’s with a face on it. 🙂 I saw two mermaids made of paper mache in the window of an insurance agency. I forgot to take a picture. Gloucester makes me feel like I want to paint and swim. I feel more open and there’s a happy energy. I do wish there were social groups for people in my age group like Northampton.  Every place had pros and cons. 

The antique shop had great hats and clothes for men very classy. The owner had a beautiful onyx bracelet, very fancy and intricate. 

I am still reading, “The Untethered Soul,” at a slow pace. I’m taking it all in. I used to be a faster reader but not so much anymore. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! 😀 

Fairy hugs and God Bless! Shimmers!! 


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