Angel Sea Muse Picture Inspired My Poem

Angel Sea Muse Picture Inspired My Poem

My angel muse long white blonde hair prays to God the one she serves, 

She protects me, 

Maybe she is me?

I want to me a beautiful, powerful, angel of the sea to swim and fly oh what magic I would to be half sea and a half land creature,

I would play the harp on a rock or the sand,

I would sing a sweet song of love and peace,

I would help the lifeguard protect swimmers, 

I would clean the pollution of the ocean, land, and the release energy block toxins by shining my love to the beach goers and by singing and talking about God,

Being at one with your inner consciousness is being happy truly alone and quiet your mind,

Meditate and pray to God,

The Bible is the truth, 

We can make our world our magical realm by living our dreams, overcoming and conquering our fears,

Do not let the world get the best of you,

Do not let people bring you down with their darkness and insecurities,

We are all beautiful,  intelligent,  special, talented, creative,  loving creatures of we awaken our conscious,

Life is hard but staying calm and using our intuition and our mind to solve this,

Open your chakra, by being positive and open minded,

God is guiding us pray and talk to him, 

Listen to your heart and to signs in life,

He loves you accept his love,

Let us pain not be in vain, 

He is the light of the sun, moon and stars,

He is water we drink, food that nourishes us,

He gave us each other, our parents, families, friends,

Lead your own path the path God sets for us,

I hear the call of heaven when I hear a sea gull and twittering birds, when I see a smile and warm words,

I am blessed and I am on own personal spiritual transformative journey that brings the light of heaven,

Lighting flowing within me like the sun streaming through clouds, Shimmering like the stars, waving like an aurora borealis that glows with colors.

I am the butterfly I never knew and I will escape my cocoon. 



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