I hear the merman sing my name,

I ride a unicorn, I fly on my pegasus,

I swim in a sea garden in the moonlight, 

I fly to a castle on an island and a poet sends me love letters in sea bottle, 

I sigh and ache for his love, I turn into a mermaid but he is captured in time, 

I must time travel to find my love, 

He is like no man, he is not of this realm, 

He is captivating,  alluring,  his eyes reveal his love for me and stories he has to tell,

Shimmering waters of the sea, 

Our love was always meant to be,

The merman and mythical me, 

My heart truly loves him so,

He’s my fairy tale captured in time I won’t let go,

My emotions go up to the highest height and as deep as the ocean, 

I will travel into time into an unknown place, 

To reunite with my love and taste his kiss and his embrace. 



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