Yesterday and Today on Vacay :)

Yesterday was a good day but it was ruined by a perverted teenage drunk guy who said crude things to my mom and I on our walk. We went grocery shopping at Market Basket which has really great deals. Also I went to Rockport and got my boyfriend a funny t shirt with a shark. We also went to a great diner with delicious food. πŸ˜€ Yum My mom got my dad and a neighbor of ours t shirts. My mom got a beautiful paining of the ocean with a lighthouse at sunrise.Β 


Today we went to Long Beach. It wasn’t crowded at all. My mom and I both wore tankini’s. I saw women of all shapes and sizes. Β I really need to work out. Also my tan didn’t last long I’m mostly pale and I can see some of it didn’t come off. Grrr. I need to tone my thighs and stomach. I also wish I had bigger breasts. :/ I just need to accept my body. I just feel like life is unfair because some women get lucky by having great skin and great figures. I know that’s being superficial but it’s how I feel. Also I’m still dealing with acne and I’m 27.Β 


I saw a seagull open a carton and eat some chicken with sauce. Then another one joined. Lol.Β 

I’ll let you guys know what I do tonight πŸ™‚Β 


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