Shopping for Vacay! Yay! :D

My mom and I went to Marshalls and I got a orange and pink tankini and Trivectin (stretch mark cream). She got mousse, shampoo and body oil. My suitcase is really full!! I hope I can close it. I pack shorts and pants so I’m prepared for hot or cool weather. Also a hoodie. I can’t wait to see the summer house! There’s no wifi sadly. 😦 But then I can concentrate on reading and writing. Maybe I’ll buy a journal.  🙂 I have one but it’s not empty. I have an addiction to buying notebooks and books.  I’m trying to be better and I have been.Tomorrow morning I’m going to get a spray tan. I hope I don’t turn orange!  O.O lol I’m happy we will be close to the beach, I usually burn like a lobster. :/ My skin is like vanilla, I’m super pale. I can’t wait for the festival!  I hope there’s good music! I’m just going to have an open mind and embrace life! 


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