Ugh..Clothes Shopping

I hate clothes shopping well for pants or shorts. I usually wear yoga pants or lycra stretchy black pants with t shirts. I know not fashionable but that’s what I’m comfortable in. I bought three dresses and my dad got a belt at Marshalls.  Dresses are more comfortable than shorts. I usually don’t wear dresses but it’s good to try something different. Going on vacation soon! I can’t wait! So excited!! I haven’t gone in a few years.  Yay!! 😀 Going to Gloucester,  Massachusetts which has many beaches and fabulous shops. I love the fudge shop there.  Yum! Usually we go to a a huge used book store but I can’t fit anymore books in my room I have so many to read! Friday I’m getting a spray tan to look thinner. Lol I’ve been getting more shifts at work finally. 🙂 I’ll be nervous having people seeing me in a bathing suit but no one is perfect. Even if I see people that look “perfect” they are not. I hope you all had a good day today!!


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