Northampton, MA and Random Thoughts

I went overnight and came home today from Northampton.  I love it there.  It is overpriced but it has a variety of stores and many social groups and activities.  Everyone is alternative and dresses like the modern hippie. I love Thornes which has many stores such as clothing, books, and candy. Also there’s a seated massage area 20-30 minutes charge by the minute. I had one today it was amazing I feel sore but better. My hips are misaligned. 😦 I bought my friend a present at Newbury Comics which had pop rock cd’s, inappropriate quotes on t-shirts and cards. Many movies and marijuana. Socks ect. For some reason on my phone it kept auto correcting marijuana. So I had to be a period. Grr phones. Lol. There’s musicians on the street and homeless people. I gave money to one musician and homeless person. They both said thank you but the musician seemed more thankful.  I don’t know why there is homeless people on the street when there is a shelter in town, and I wanted to ask but I know that would be a rude question. I love the hippie clothes someday I might wear long skirts and tie dyed t shirts. I’m not sure if there is a place I would like better but I’m sure there is. I do like Gloucester, MA but they don’t have social groups and diversity in culture as Northampton does. I do love the beaches in Gloucester though and the candy shop. Yum. There is no perfect place but what you make of it. The only reason I like my town is because of my family and friends live in it. Other than that it is kind of depressing because of the lack of business it has. I hope someday it will be the town it once was in the 80’s as my parents have said it was. Also I love the fact that there are many colleges near Northampton and small bookstores.  In my area there’s only two and they are not that close to travel to.

After my 20 minute massage the nice massage therapist said to drink more water and stretch. My mom and I keep talking and thinking about taking yoga. 🙂 Also I felt like I was floating and I could breathe better. If I could I would get massages everyday (like I used to in massage school). 



8 thoughts on “Northampton, MA and Random Thoughts

  1. Jenn M says:

    That’s great that you had a good time! I haven’t been to Northampton in a long time. I got a hat there. 🙂

  2. Thanks Em! Love you too! I try my best to not be selfish. I like helping and giving stuff away. 🙂 It makes me happy. Thanks Jenn love ya. And thanks to the other bloggers ad well 🙂

  3. Cool hunter green and hemp! 😀 Once I had hemp lotion smelled interesting. Lol I don’t smoke I think my IQ would get lower. :/ Also it smells like skunk. Lol But if I had to I would use it for medicinal purposes. I’m not sure if it effects IQ?

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