IQ Hatred

I read the words and my heart drops,

It dissipates into nothing,

Dissolving into the floor I wish that was me,

I feel this sadness almost numbness,

Then I feel angry,

The emotions come over me as the light fades and the night arrives,

I love the quiet, but I hate my thoughts,

Thoughts of my existence being a waste of time,

Thoughts of people being better off without me,

I want to create but my emotions hinder me so,

Like a gray cloud surrounding me and rain pouring down,

I hear the sad sound of a wolf howling and my emotions answer the wolf’s call,

My emotions sway with the trees, chirp like the birds, thunder and lightning,

cry like a baby, ache like a sigh,

I need to change the voice in my head and nurture her instead of putting her through emotional pain,

She has words on her skin, she has cuts and bruises,

They always fade but always come back,

Take a step forward take it backward,

I don’t want to live within my emotional tango,

I just want to be happy with myself, not worry, and feel depressed,

Not care what others think,

Only what God thinks and the ones I love think,

How they accept me for who I am,

They heal me with their words, they hug me with their warm emotion,

I will NOT be caught in the emotional abyss of depression.


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