Rough Draft Need Constructive Critisism and I Don’t Know How to Continue. Title: Zen Astral Time & Space Enlightenment


Tulia went to Holistic Dome Academy in the Zen astral sphere of space. Holistic Dome Academy was a therapeutic school for people of all ages who need spiritual enlightenment. It was a community where people were divided up into different age groups and needs. Everyone’s brains were programmed for academics, and people were assessed from their personality traits, calling was (career as we call it), and who their mate would be. People were taught from birth how to love and accept themselves and other people. They were programmed to not feel anger, fear, or jealousy. She discovered she loved expressing herself through poetry and she was learning light, vibrational healing.


She was told that the Illuminators, beings that created all the residents and her, and people used to be born from people procreating and their cells becoming DNA to inherit the appearance and qualities of the two people. But people caused war and got diseases because of their genetic dispositions and so the Illuminators salvage their fetus’s that were in orb tree-structure objects with trunks as the veins and electricity coming out in the dome gelatin substance pool of Planet X’s last standing dome. The Illuminators had never seen such a grand architecture and the wondrous beings within its depths. They also found a library of books and the one they were most impressed by were books by Eckhart Tolle. The residents had strange, poor memories.  This was because the Illuminators told them they had past lives and they would figure out how to find their true identities they were destined to be on Planet X. It was a mystery why the residents were left and why they were in orbs.


Everyday the residents were spend everyday with their mentors who taught them spirituality, philosophy, and any weak academic subjects they needed. Most by the time the residents were seven were highly educated. The slow learners lasted longer. Tulia was one of the special dome learners, which was embarrassing she was the oldest one and was an outcast among her peers. She was weak in math and her spirituality; she processed things slow. Her mentors were Ecanus, Laren, and Myrna. Laren was also her childhood best friend and they were really close, but they kept their friendship hidden in public because Laren partner was chosen and her name was Morenirla.


All the residents would watch simulation sun rise, and meditate and read one or more quotes from Eckhart Tolle book. Most of the residents would go in their electricity gardens to eat and drink electrons, atoms, and ions. A rarity was drinking moon bean juice and eating hawthorn berries. The special dome residents ate veggies and fruits. Tulia felt embarrassed having to eat ancestral human food but it did taste delicious. She loved the fruits more than the veggies, especially the exotic, island fruits. When Tulia woke up she heard the chirping of the birds, panflute and the gentle rainfall of the simulation sound system within the walls of her room. If she didn’t wake up a violin would play. The walls always changed pictures and colors, depending on her mood. Her furniture and bed were lavender and shimmering. She smiled contentedly as Peanut Butter her orange cat rubbed and purred against her. She got up from her bed, stretched and went to her closet to pick out her usual brown linen outfit. She looked in her mirror and frowned. “I look hideous, my nose is huge and my skin is too pale.” She looked around her room not wanting to leave because she was getting apprehensive lately. A strange feeling overcame her for the past month about her mentor Ecanus. She was getting emotions again. “I hope I won’t get sent away,” her chest felt tight because she had heard rumors of people disappearing in the past. She shook her head, “No it isn’t true, she said in her mystical, lyrical, soft spoken voice.” “Tulia you have an hour before your class.” “You can practice playing your harp if you want.” The robotic, montone voice came from the walls. Tulia went over to her simulation balcony overlooking the ocean. She sat on her satin stool and played her unicorn horned harp as she did she heard other residents instruments play within the wind. It was a birthday gift Ecanus gave her she was saddened about the unicorns dying long ago and felt guilty for playing with unicorns horns but Ecanus told her that they didn’t die in agony. She looked up at the sky and as she played as usual she saw the golden, orange and reddish hue from the Aurora Borealis and never got tired of looking at it. Tulia went on the elevator and as she went it played light classical music to enhance her mind, she scanned her eyes and fingers on the door and it automatically opened.


Her eyes closed, she heard her heart beat rapidly but yet still felt emotionless her depression an emotional abyss.  Her body felt tense, she felt stressed lately and felt unknown dread come over her. She didn’t know why, as she was trying to figure this out she felt a warm radiation within her body like she was lying on a beach with the sun cascading down upon her body. Her muscled relaxed as hands began to massage her shoulders and caress her hair.   Her breathing was slow and deep as she saw the tranquility of outer space and saw the surreal quietness of it in her mind. When she opened her eyes she smiled knowingly, “Hi, Laren.” He smiled putting his arm around her, “Do you feel any better?” “I’ve seen you have been feeling stressed out lately and you know I am always wanting to try out my Reiki skills on you.” Tulia laughed, and pushed and pushed him away playfully. “You are a big flirt!” “You know you have a girlfriend.” Laren shrugged, “Morena knows we’re close.” “Besides she flirts with everyone too.” He said with a sad laugh. “I don’t understand why you two are together.” Laren rolled his eyes, exasperated. “You know she was chosen for me Tulia.” Tulia sighed sadly, wishing he was hers. She couldn’t compete with Morena’s beauty and talents.  Tulia sighed and half-smiled. “You know I appreciate it but I know that it only works temporarily for me.” Laren frowned, his eyes looking sad and worried. “I don’t want you to be sent away.” “I won’t Laren.” She smiled, secretively. Laren saw a gray aura around her. “What are you hiding Tulia?” Tulia shrugged and started walking down the aisle of the dome, “Nothing Laren no worries.” She said, in a high pitched tone. He stopped her gently and turned her around, “Tulia please tell me what’s going on.” “We tell each other everything.” “No we don’t Laren.” “Oh yeah like what?” She couldn’t believe that from all the years they have known each other he still didn’t know she had a crush on him. As he looked at her, his eyes glazed and became soft. “I can’t tell you…because I don’t want anything to you. You are my best friend and I care about you.” Laren heart accelerated as she said that, trying to ignore it.


Main character: Tulia

Gender: female

Age?: fourteen (Unsure what age Tulia should be)

Likes: Eckhart Tolle books, cats, ambient music, poetry

Day dreaming, meditating, getting massage therapy, alternative therapies, languages


Dislikes: rules, math, and superficial people


Fears: Being alone, never finding love, trees


Powers: Astral projection, polyglot understand any language


Tulia hates her parents for abandoning her but finds out that they never abandoned her. The Illuminators took her to steal her powers.


Tulia and the rest of the residents are told that the memories they have are their past lives but Tulia doesn’t believe it when she writes in a strange language and astral planes to the city of the clouds.


She never knew her parents and finds them in the city. But along the way they disappear again.


Tulia finds out her mom is a descendant of the cloud people and her father was an illuminator who got his powers taken away and because of their forbidden love they moved away from society.


Illuminators- Aliens created by an electric magnetic storm caused by an aurora borealis and faeries (from the aurora borealis parallel reality realm) magical love making reproducing orb seeds. Some Illuminator’s are good and some bad.


 Illuminator Leader Special power: Ability to detect actions and events in other dimensions. This is occasionally used in comics as an awareness of the fourth wall between the characters and the artist or audience. Size shifting and size mimicry.


Muse Illuminators half alien/half faery (good creatures) that are residents mentors and muses. Also they can travel to the aurora borealis timeless parallel reality as the servants of Arcturian


Illuminators weakness is Ink, chocolate, and light


         Cloud people: Time manipulation  Arcturian took that away?


Tulia begins to notice people disappearing and reappearing but they are not themselves.


Illuminators are astral trapping Tulia and the residents and the “bad people” (victims) because the Illuminz (nickname) think that the residents are getting too powerful.


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