Great Advice on How to Live Your Life and Mine as Well!

Great Advice on How to Live Your Life and Mine as Well!

This article is about truly living and not merely existing. (As said on the site). I have been struggling lately with depression and anxiety, I thought I was getting better but I always seem to go backwards. Usually my depression is at night, I do not know why but maybe because it is quiet and I reflect on my life and my thoughts. I have figured out a way to go to the gym and still be available and not have to take the day or days off from my per diem job. I am a procrastinator and I need to stop being one. I am going to exercise, write and read. Read to learn or just to expand my imagination.  Sorry this post is late I worked third shift last night and slept most of the day. I have trouble figuring out what to post as I am sure my fellow bloggers do as well.

1) Exercise 3 times a week

2) Write and if I cannot think of what to write I shall look for prompts.

3.) Read the Bible Everyday

4.) Read for educational and entertainment purposes.

5) Volunteer: I have some anxiety about this because I want to make sure

when I have school and work that comes first but I want to make a difference by helping people, and to develop

new skills.


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