Food is my Enemy

I hate veggies and I’m sad I do. :/ And I have gained a lot of weight but I haven’t weighed myself in awhile. I don’t have the best willpower in the world. I love pizza, burgers, fries and I crave sugar. Anything bad 😦 :/ Does anyone have any advice for me? 


8 thoughts on “Food is my Enemy

  1. Hi! Please allow me to first take this opportunity in thanking you for the time you have taken in visiting and reading my blog – it is very appreciated! 🙂 Secondly, I absolutely love vegetables but having said that, junk food is also my Achilles’ heel … how about weening yourself off a little, but never completely, what fun would that be, right? By that I mean, have a slice of pizza with some salad on the side – like a few of your favourite vegetables (carrot, tomato?). That way you’re putting in good stuff while rewarding your taste buds?

    Let me know how it goes! 🙂

    • Thanks. Yeah I’ll keep trying. I really only like carrots. But I need to eat veggies because I am 5’3.5 and 146 lbs 😦 Thanks I love your blog! And you’re beautiful! You seem like a kind person. I wish I looked like you. 🙂

      • I am sure you’re beautiful too!!! Beauty is so subjective and it is all about what is on the inside, I swear! I have been a journalist for a while now and have met a lot of supposed “beautiful” people, and they are often (unfortunately) completely the opposite on the inside, which starts making them look, well to put it bluntly, ugly on the outside. It often does catch up with all of us, when you can’t hide the unhappiness and cruelty on your face any longer. So, stay strong, stay happy & positive, and surround yourself with people who understand the true meaning of life, to live and let live and to spread positive energy and love 🙂

        Be strong, remember your goals always, even when it is hard (and we ALL have those days!) and maybe find some of your friends/family who wouldn’t mind walking a few days a week, your body and mind will thank you for it. Plus, don’t go off what I look like, there is a lot of makeup and a great photographer (my gorgeous sister!) behind my blog photos! Haha! 😀

      • Thanks awwww you’re sweet! 😀 Yeah I have to get back to the gym. Just been distracted. Sigh. So what’s it like being a journalist? Thanks for the advice and support!! Huggles

      • Hmm, it’s easy getting distracted when the word “gym” is in the equation 😀 Being a journalist is frustrating and rewarding, I guess. Rewarding when you help the common person, frustrating when it involves promoting the rich and famous for no apparent reason! Stay strong 🙂

      • Thanks! I will go the gym more. I need to before I become more overweight and eating better. is hard. Especially for picky eaters like me! Lol I will not give up. Thank you 🙂 You are very kind.

  2. Jenn M says:

    Yeah, I’m definitely a sucker for junk foods too. Here’s some advice I can give you though…

    1. Start with about 1 fruit and 1 vegetable at a time. For me, it’s been getting grapes and summer squash. If you try to cram in too many fruits and vegetables, it gets overwhelming.

    2. Make vegetables appealing. In other words, do something with the vegetables in order to make them really delicious. For instance, with celery sticks, you can put peanut butter and raisins on them (learned that from childcare). With carrots, dip them into some dressing and it will give it some more flavor.

    Hope these help! 🙂

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