What If? 5/25/14

What if my life took a different turn? What it I had lived in a different country?  With a different upbringing?  If I didn’t grow up Christian what would I be today? What if I had been a male?  What if I grew up rich? Would I be snobby or still nice? I always wonder what it is like to be someone that isn’t me to live a different lifestyle. I am really glad I lived the life I have lived. I wish I could fix all my mistakes but I can’t.  I may have many enemies but I cannot be friends with everyone I do try though. Quality over Quantity is one of the best advice I have ever heard. 🙂 Today I am more open minded and kind. More honest and straight forward.  More cautious. I become better. Depression does drag me down but I know who I can count on in my life. People who understand I am busy and don’t nag me when I don’t keep in contact often because they love me and I love them. I am doing the best I can and someday I’ll be more satisfied when I find my calling in my career aspect of my life. I am very blessed. Amen. 🙂 


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