God Help me in this World

I’m insecure,

Never sure,

Always uncertain,

I need to hide behind the curtain,

My eyes cannot hide what I don’t want people to see,

The scared little girl inside of me,

This world is so scary, the people come near,

They are always judging, make them disappear,

They whisper, they point, they give snobby sneers,

They might as well throw spears,

A dagger hits my heart, Stabs my back,

Most people cannot be trusted to me that’s a fact,

I cannot think cynically but I am  melancholy with a darkness called depression,

Which I talk about in therapy sessions,

I pray to God every night, 

Please watch over me and the world and let in your light,

Let the light cascade and I shall fight,

Let peace take over and ignite,

Please lift my soul up till I’m blissful,

I hate feeling forever dismal,

I never want my light to dim and die, 

I know my heart sighs, 

Never my love for God will disappear, 

The evil ones need to fear,

I honor thy father forgive me from above,

I know you always send your love,

Thank you for showing me what is right,

I thank you forever, you are the light,

Beyond human sight. 




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