Ghost of my Identity

I see no reflection in the mirror,

I’m a castaway in my sadness, 

I’m within the waves,  sinking in the sand,

I need to know who I am,

I’m a ghost I cannot see,

I’m a voice you do not hear,

I simply seem to disappear,

You forget me and I forget myself,

I need to find my reflection and the voice in my head,

I need to quiet my mind and unwind the ticking in my heart,

This anxiousness is getting to me, 

I am whoever I want to be, 

my heart goes deeper than the sea, 

I am priceless, I am human, 

I speak with my heart and listen with it as well, 

I am human and a child at heart, 

Love is the reason and so is life which is unconscious and conscious art. 


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