(aynonmous location) Rehabilitation Commission

I went to Mass Rehab and I saw a nice lady let’s call her E. She is my new vocational counselor and she helps people with all types of disabilities.  The organization Mass Rehab helps people find jobs and help pay for school and transportation needs. Also housing needs for people with physical disabilities. She said she would ask her supervisor (who I don’t like who used to be my counselor before she got promoted) to ask for a tuition waiver and for gas money to go to school about 40 minutes or a little longer depending on traffic away. I will go to school twice during the summer at night. I’m too scared to drive to the city so my dad will take me. I will however practice driving on the highway to the city with either either my cousin or maybe my boyfriend. She told me I’m doing well because I’m getting good grades. I just have to email or drop off paperwork from my school like my grades, class schedule, financial aid information. Also she said I should address my concerns with my therapist about how else I can improve my self – esteem which is low. She said IQ doesn’t matter it’s how you utilize your intelligence and do what I love to do in the career I choose within Human Services. In the fall I will shadow and find out if it’s meant for me. I think it is meant to be. 🙂 I thought about occupational or physical therapy but you usually need a bachelor’s or masters (which is better) and I don’t want to waste my energy and time on something I don’t feel 100% satisfied and decisive on. 


Organization I Need to Use More or Just Use lol

1) Wall Calendar 

2) Agenda notebook or any to write down 


3) Sticky Notes

4) Cell Phone Calendar which I just started using I love it. 


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