Test by Neuropsychologist

I had my test yesterday and she tested me on memory, math, geography, and some history.  I think I did badly. I get my results in the mail in two weeks. Hopefully it won’t be late. She’ll give me resources to help me. Last year I was tested and for my IQ it said 97. I do have test anxiety so I’m wondering if my IQ is higher. It’s a catch 22. 😦 :/ For random news my car was registered. 😀 Just found out now under my dad’s name. Both my parents are really intelligent so I don’t understand why I process things slow. I can’t help but still be worried about my future. 


5 thoughts on “Test by Neuropsychologist

  1. Jenn M says:

    Don’t worry, be happy! 😉 Test anxiety does exist, so for sure your IQ is actually higher than what the test tells you. I’m smart, but it took me 4 tries in order to pass the road test and get my driver’s license. I was nervous as hell–especially with having to back up my car beside the curb!

  2. Those IQ tests don’t mean a lot anymore. Processing things slowly isn’t a bad characteristic. Fast isn’t always good. It is accuracy that counts. It takes time to reflect. That seems to be what you are doing.

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