My last final was today! 5/13/14

I’m happy I get a summer break! It’ll probably go by fast. I kinda wish I would’ve taken the whole summer off. I’m feeling scared about the future. Sometimes I wonder still if I’m in the right major for myself. I know I could make more money doing other things. I just don’t know anymore. Also I’m bored alot at night and this year. I used to not get bored easily. TV and movies don’t do much for me anymore. I like documentaries now. 🙂 I love Netflix.  I’ve watched so many shows and movies in most categories (except not too many gory ones :/). Tomorrow will be the second and last part of my memory test and math. I hope I get the results the same day if not then soon. Depression really hinders my motivation but I am trying to writing everyday or at least everyday. Though it isn’t fiction. I failed my Psychology final but overall I’ll pass the class. I’m doing the best I can. Most of the time I get good grades just sometimes not tests. It was a fill in the blank test with no word bank.  I don’t think that should be allowed it’s unfair for people who don’t have a good memory. It Is too hard. I don’t think tests prove anything most people get anxiety. It’s the only way to measure how much a person learns I guess. There’s so many things I want to do this summer I probably won’t be able to accomplish half of what I want. I’ll try though. I always give up on stuff and I don’t want to. 

Do you guys think a person shouldn’t major in something that won’t make them alot of money? How much should money play as a factor?  


2 thoughts on “My last final was today! 5/13/14

  1. Chess says:

    The only factor is what makes you happy. Money only matters is deciding a major if money is what makes you happy.

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