My family, boyfriend, his family,  friends, interesting professors, and making money makes me happy. 


Never having enough money, gaining weight, people fighting that I care about, snobby people make me unhappy. Also the news is depressing. Not being talented enough and processing things slow. 


What makes you guys happy and unhappy? 


10 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. You got the area well assessed. Money (not too much, mind you) is necessary, appropriate body weight, and people that you care about, ( you don’t want them to fight). Those things are a source of happiness. Nobody likes snobby people, not even snobby people.
    Don’t listen to the news. You have plenty of talent and processing slowly is good. It gives you a chance to assess things and come up with a well considered thought.

  2. Jenn M says:

    What makes me happy: having money, family, friends, my dog, being creative. What makes me unhappy: my chronic illnesses, rude people, not having enough money.

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