Sharing My Thoughts and You Can as Well :)

If anyone wants to share anything you can. 🙂 There are no limits! Ok here’s an embarrassing secret. I think I have Dyscalculia. I can barely do basic math, no sense of direction, I don’t remember people’s names most of the time, I’m not good at figuring out measurements, distances, and time spans. I will let you guys know if I have it after my test done by a Neuropsychologist which is on the 16th. You know what sucks? Most careers that people get paid well you have to do very well in mathematics and science. :/ I think Human Service workers should be paid more. There should be more opportunities and careers for people that are strong in other academic areas to thrive in. I always did well with English and history, though I have to always brush up on my knowledge.  

Do any of you have Dyscalculia?  If so how do you deal with it? 


4 thoughts on “Sharing My Thoughts and You Can as Well :)

  1. Chess says:

    I have Fibro fog which is kind of similar. My brain works best a when I am rested and it’s early in the day so I try to get my thinking stuff done then. Try to figure out your best and worst times of day, that might help.

    • It’s always different for me. I’m it an early morning person. Usually I’m not up at 9 am like I am now. But I’m seeing my hunny. 🙂 My brain works best at night. I notice I get tired alot at home but when I’m at school in the afternoon I’m more awake. I’m less tired than I used to be. I have a weird work schedule so my sleep cycle is off. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Jenn M says:

    I agree…brain fog is kinda similar. When I deal with it, I get confused easily. Here’s some advice for you: drink water and stay hydrated. That may help you concentrate better. 🙂

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