My Fears

1.) Not going to Heaven

2.) Losing the people I love through death

3.) Becoming morbidly obese

4.) Never having a career

5.) Never accomplishing my dreams and goals


What are your fears? 


8 thoughts on “My Fears

  1. Don’t worry about heaven, you have a 50/50 chance if it does exist. If it doesn’t exist, no one is going. But maybe there is a better place than heaven and hell.
    You will lose people you love, and if you loved them well, it will hurt like hell. But this hurt gives you understanding and compassion for others who will need your help. That is just part of life.
    Becoming morbidly obese, well that is up to you and what you eat and how active you are.
    You are working on that career right now. Probably none of us will ever know the impact our efforts will have on this world. Think of all the artists, composers, writers, scientists etc. whose work was discovered long after they passed on. You are working on your dreams and goals right now. Don’t stop.

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